Superfeet began back in the mid 70’s as the Sports Division of a leading Podiatric Laboratory. In 1977 Superfeet became its own company, with the mandate to ‘provide more affordable orthotics to the general public’. Since their beginning almost 30 years ago, Superfeet has been providing premium insoles for different types of feet, for different activities and sports.

The Superfeet difference - Superfeet's firm, contoured shape provides the comfort soft insoles cannot achieve. When you stand on a Superfeet Premium Insole, you can feel the firm supportive shape and materials - it's not soft and mushy like other brands. Although soft, non-supportive insoles feel good when you first put them in your shoes, in the long run your foot problems don't disappear. Superfeet’s aim is to support the foot and align the body. Superfeet designs different insole models to improve the fit of all your footwear. No matter what type of activity or sport you engage in, Superfeet has a product for you - at a price you can afford.

To view the Superfeet product range, please visit the US site For Superfeet queries within New Zealand, please contact us.

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