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The Vigilante manifesto. We are inspired by nature and the world around us.

There's so much to see and experience. We believe exploration is not just for the select few but for everyone; that it's a state of mind not a checklist; that everyday can be an adventure if you're willing to try new things; that everyone should follow their own path.

It started with a backpacking trip around the world. Out on our own carrying everything we needed in a pack. We loved the freedom. Seeing new places. But we really needed clothes that would be comfortable, light and versatile - stuff that you could wear out on the trail or out on the town.

Back in 2002, we couldn't find any so we made up our minds to design them ourselves. And that's how Vigilante got started. Today we have a full range of over 100 men's and women's styles packed with technical performance features. Made with care and passion for those who love exploring. Oh, and for us too of course.

Browse the Women's and Men's summer product albums. For full product details, please visit the Australian site For Vigilante queries within New Zealand, please contact us.

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