New Seasons Range Arriving Soon!

HEAD's new season's product is due to hit the shelves in May. Keep an eye on your nearest store!

Featuring products like the NEW REV 90 ski with new technology to ensure you can go anywhere on the mountain.

REV 90

The new HEAD REV simply works everywhere: from hard pack to crusty, ridden snow to powder. Here’s the most polyvalent ski on the planet: One for all. All in one.

There are raceheads, there are free ski extremists – and there are lots and lots of people in between. People who like to have fun in the deep and floor it on the groomed. People like you. Or me. Finally there is a ski for this neglected niche: The HEAD REV. Thanks to the new, ground breaking ERA 3.0 technology, REV reconciles three features that shape the ski of the future:


ERA 3.0: Rocker. Done Right.

– Allride Rocker for easiest handling on and off the slope

– Progressive Radius for instant edge grip and clean carving

– Intellifiber-Rebound for perfect stability at high speeds


The REV 90 is for ambitious freeriders who might not ride in Alaska every day, but are always scouting their resort for that pristine back bowl or couloir to dive into.

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